Saturday, July 2, 2011

So Hum meditation

  The benefits of meditation are obvious.  Who couldn't benefit from a few moments of quiet, restful awareness?  What yogis have known for thousands of years, western medicine is just beginning to understand.  Despite all the studies, and texts and talk surrounding the practice of meditation, the practice itself is simple.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Many people don't meditate because they simply don't know how to start.  The following is a simple meditation on a mantra to get you started.
  A mantra is a sound, a word, or a phrase designed to help clear the mind of chatter, and bring awareness inward.  The mantra we will be using for this meditation is "So Hum", which means "I am that".  "That" refers to a collective unity between you and the universe.
  To begin, turn off your phone, TV, and anything else that might beep, ding or ring.  Sit quietly and make yourself comfortable. Set a timer or alarm clock for 10 to 20 minutes, and gently close your eyes.  Spend a few moments breathing, and allowing the mind to wind down.  Now begin to repeat your mantra silently.  "So Hum.....So Hum....So Hum....".  You can match the mantra to your breath by saying "So" on the inhale, and "Hum" on the exhale.  Continue this until your timer sounds.  If you find your thoughts wandering, envision a broom sweeping them aside and return to your breath and your mantra.
  If you make time daily for meditation, you will soon experience all the benefits it has to offer, a calmer mind, more energy, and decreased stress levels.