About Me

My name is Samantha.  I am a Yoga Teacher in New Jersey.  My yogic journey began in high school.  I was a dance student, and required to take one yoga class a week.  I enjoyed it because the class always ended with savasana, or final relaxation, and I was, well, tired.  Any class where I had to lie down and do nothing was ok by me.  Since then, yoga has been many things to me.  It has been a workout, a retreat, a source of sanity, and a way to connect with something bigger than me.  And yes, at times it has been a chore.  There have been days where I had to force myself onto the mat.  I have always ended those practices more in love with the practice of yoga than when I began.

The decision to teach was not one I took lightly.  I had been practicing for almost ten years before I felt ready to teach others.  My first teaching experience was with kids.  I was asked to teach at a Girl Scout encampment.   The experience left me buzzing and excited in a way I had never felt before.  I knew I was meant to teach.  I completed my first teacher training in 2010 with YogaFit.  From there I completed a 300 hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher training program with the American Yoga Academy.

   I'd love to share the benefits of a regular yoga practice with you.  Please feel free to contact me at